With a Past


Writing as Dana Ransom

Romantic Times “Career Achievement Award-Historical Adventure” winner

Hold Your Heart for Ransom!

“Dana Ransom takes romance to new heights! Her talent is legendary, her books are keepers!  If you haven’t read Dana Ransom, you haven’t read historical romance at its finest!”—The Literary Times

“Master of her genre, Dana Ransom weaves a compelling story you can’t put down!”

The Bass Family Series:

Temptation’s Trail

Zebra Books 0-8217-4458-5 (Feb/94)

When an Eastern boarding school runaway hires a dime novel legend to find her missing brother in the scorch of West Texas she doesn’t expect to get a tough half-Apache tracker haunted by a past so dark and dangerous that her love might prove his only salvation.

“Mesmerizing!  A wonderfully researched romance that’s a true pleasure to read. 4+!”
Romantic Times

Texas Destiny

Zebra Books 0-8217-4652-9 (Aug/94)

When Texas Ranger Jack Bass is rescued from the Apache by a white captive, he’s sure he’s found the woman he wants to marry…except she’s already married to his best friend and captain. Jack Bass is everything Emily Marcus desires, the kind of man who can accept what she’s survived and the secret she yet carries, but his honor and sense of duty stand in the way of their destined love.

“A complex and emotional story with enough twists and turns to keep readers up all night glued to the pages!”—Love Letters

Wild Texas Bride

Zebra Books 0-8217-4833-5 (Aug/95)

Her determination to rescue Billy Cooper from a life of crime leads Sarah Bass to a shotgun wedding with the man who gave her her first kiss.  But is his allegiance to her and the Texas Rangers who placed him undercover, or to the shadowed past that’s reaching out to reclaim him?

“Action-packed romance and a story you never want to see end.  A sexy 4+!”
Romantic Times

Texas Renegade

Zebra Books 0-8217-5267-7 (March/96)

A trail of vengeance and betrayal leads Kenitay back into the fold of the family who abandoned him.  But Leisha Bass never forgot the mixed breed boy she loved as a child and now is drawn to the man of dangerous secrets he’s become.  Together they walk a path of revenge that could destroy their families and their chance for happiness.

Romantic Times K.I.S.S. Award winner. “A must read.  You won’t be able to put this book down because of all the passion. Another 4+ book with the Bass family.”—Romantic Times

Sweet Texas Dreams

Zebra Books 0-8217-5517-X (Dec/96)

To save his kidnapped stepfather, Morgan Daniels comes to hire Becca Bass’s legendary father.  Seeing in the dapper Eastern attorney everything she’s ever dreamed of, the shy Becca plays a bold game of deception to escape the loneliness of West Texas and win the heart of the man she desires.  Love carries her to turn-of-the-century New York and into the clutches of her family’s worst enemy.

“Dana Ransom does it best!  A stunning conclusion to a memorable family saga. Her romances come to life through three dimensional characters that become a part of your heart!”—the Literary Times

The Dakota Series:

Dakota Dawn

Zebra Books 0-8217-3597-7 (Nov/91)

A reclusive mountain man takes in a woman about to give birth in a snow storm and they find a safe haven in each others’ arms…until secrets tear them apart.  He’s a wanted man wrongfully accused by her wealthy rancher father and she’s carrying the child of her Indian abductor.

“The unforgettable beginning of a superb family saga. Readers will be enthralled by the powerful love story.  4+!”—Romantic Times

Dakota Desire

Zebra Books 0-8217-3768-6 (June/92)

A half-breed educated in the White man’s world brings his society fiancée home to meet his past.  Is she strong enough to accept the wildness of a heritage she doesn’t understand and woman enough to hold a man torn between two paths?

“A powerful novel…fantastic reading!”—Rendezvous

Dakota Destiny

Zebra Books 0-8217-4060-1 (Feb/93)

A fun-loving cowboy who dreams of marrying a lady sets his sights on a woman planning to scam his family out of a fortune…only she never expected to fall in love with the mark.

Raw, passionate, emotional tale with superbly interwoven plot.  A reading adventure!”—Rendezvous

Dakota Promises

Zebra Books 0-8217-4255-8 (Aug/93)

His determination to build them a future tore their marriage apart. Now she’s returned from the East to see if she can rekindle the passion she’s never forgotten and to make a home for herself and her son in the arms of the only man she’s ever loved.

“Brimming with love, passion and heartache…have your tissues ready for reading at its best!”

Writing as Rosalyn West

HOLT Medallion winner

Go West for Romantic Adventure

“Rosalyn West is a fantastic storyteller.  She knows how to wrap her words around her reader’s hearts!”
—The Literary Times

“There’s only one thing to say about Rosalyn West’s Pride County series – Damn, she’s good!” -CompuServe Romance Reviews

The Men of Pride County series:

The Outcast

Avon Books 0-380-79579-5 (Feb/98)

Reeve Garrett: a man of the land, fighting the slur of traitor to win his rightful inheritance and the love of the woman he’s forbidden to claim.

“Wildly romantic! Any story whose characters can bring a tear to my eye before page ten is positively a Class-A book!!”—Romance Reader on the Run

The Outsider

Avon Books 0-380-79580-9 (July/98)

Hamilton Dodge: a brash Northern banker whose marriage of convenience to a steely Southern flirt can heal the wounds of pride and the secrets of the past…if they can survive the dangers of the present!

“What a book!  What a story!  What a man!”—Romantic Times

The Rebel

Avon Books 0-380-80301-1 (Nov/98)

Noble Banning:  a man of Southern honor forced to fight beside his enemy and risk the woman he loves in order to find a betrayer amongst his trusted friends.

Heart-moving…powerful.  Ms. West is captivating in this beautiful third story. Dare to dream with these wonderful characters!”—Bell, Book & Candle

The Pretender

Avon Books 0-380-80302-X (June/99)

Deacon Sinclair:  his dreams for the future hinge upon a woman from his past…a woman he’d wronged while acting as a spy for the South, a woman he wasn’t supposed to love above duty…a woman who now holds the mortgage to his family home. He’s about to learn the game of deception goes two ways.

“Sensational writing, superb story!  Full of secrets, intrigue and of course, romance.  Ms. West has an innovative and enriching writing style with a passion for characters that readers can easily fall in love with.  A *Must Read*!”—Romance Reader on the Run

Also from Rosalyn West…

A Man’s Touch

Avon Books 0-380-78511-0 (Oct/96)

Blinded in a stagecoach attack, Dalton MacKenzie’s dependence upon Jude Amos turns to something deeper as she nurses him back to health . . . until he discovers he’s been hired to drive her off her land.

“Tender, romantic and sensual love story. One of the best books this year!”—The Literary Times

A Woman’s Heart

Avon Books 0-380-78512-9 (April/97)

An imposter risking all for her freedom is forced to trust a privateer who’ll sacrifice everything to have his revenge.

“Plenty of plot twists in this well written book…a real page turner…highly recommended!”—Under the Covers Book Reviews