To Die for Main


“Sizzling romance and intriguing subplots.”—Romantic Times

Heroes who would rather risk their lives
than their hearts …

“The sensual undertones, not to mention a first-rate mystery, will keep readers turning pages!”—The Literary Times

Warrior Without A Cause

Silhouette Intimate Moments 0-373-27420-3 (Feb/05)

A mercenary trainer is the last person straight-arrow lawyer Tessa D’Angelo would turn to for help—if her life wasn’t in danger.  But if she’s to live long enough to find out the truth about her father’s supposed suicide, she must put her life into his hands.  Jack Chaney knows he should walk away from Tessa’s request to teach her how to protect herself. Do-gooders like the attractive Ms. D’Angelo are often the victims of their own noble causes.  What Jack underestimates is the degree of grit packed into Tessa’s tiny frame and his own reaction to that courage.

“A multi-layered story with a plot that moves along effortlessly with unpredictable twists, tension-filled romance, emotional depth and constant suspense.  Lurking danger and hidden truths will keep the reader guessing with its skillfully written story about finding love where one least expects it.”—CataRomance Reviews

Warrior Without Rules

Silhouette Intimate Moments 0-373-27452-1 (Aug/05)

British Intelligence agent Zachary Russell lives by three rules: #1- I’m in charge, #2- Where you go I go, and #3- Nothing personal. The one blemish on his professional record was the result of his weakness for the young woman he was assigned to protect which led to her kidnapping. So why, after ten years, does her father request him as her body guard?  Risk-taking heiress Antonia Castillo lives life on the edge. Determined never to be vulnerable again after her father’s refusal to pay ransom was followed by violent consequences, Toni never runs from a challenge. As she finalizes negotiations to move her family’s company to her father’s native Mexico, someone is using the past to terrorize her.  And Zach is the only one she trusts to keep her safe.

“5-Star!  A gripping tense thriller that the audience will read in one sitting. The latest ‘Warrior” tale is a terrific romantic suspense.”—BookBrowser

Warrior’s Second Chance

Silhouette Romantic Suspense 978-0-373-27515-1 (Dec/06)

When her husband’s murderer threatens her daughter’s safety, Barbara D’Angelo reaches out to the man who disappeared from her life thirty years ago before she could tell him the secret she carried.  Unauthorized experiments made Taggert McGee into a wartime weapon with no safe place in a peaceful world. Those warrior instincts make him more than a match for his former colleague when those he loves are used as bait, but can he overcome the secrets pledged in a tight circle of friends to keep his second chance at love from slipping through his fingers?

“Immediately grabs your attention and ratchets up the suspense with several surprising twists. With her superb plot and two lovers who’ve waited so long to be together, Nancy Gideon has crafted an exciting story from beginning to end.”—Romantic Times

Warrior For One Night

Silhouette Romantic Suspense 978-0-373-27532-8 (April/07)

Hard-headed helicopter pilot Melody Parrish sees on-call security work as the means to keep her in the air after getting blackballed for her reckless bravery at the height of wildfire season.  Her first client, an arrogant insurance specialist couriering rare stamps, is easy money. Except Xander Caufield isn’t what he seems. Driven to prove his father innocent of insurance fraud, Xander’s investigation leads to the Parrish family but his plan to trap them in the act meets with a complication. His fascination with the brash Mel Parrish forces a choice between love and loyalty in their race to find the truth a step ahead of the flames.

“The talent of Nancy Gideon shines  in this romance which incorporates a riveting mystery into its plot. From first sentence to the last enthralling word, there is never a lull as the threats escalate and turn into deadly situations.  A marvelous cast of characters whose lives become entangled in a terrifying set of circumstances to produce an engaging read. 4 ½ Stars!”
CataRomance Reviews

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“A versatile writer with an exceptional gift for creating wonderfully exhilarating romances that sweep the reader away!”—Rendezvous

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Silhouette Intimate Moments 0-373-07851-X (April/98)

Trouble’s back in town.  Small towns are infamous for harboring secrets and the sleepy Iowa farming community of Sweetheart has a doozy.  No one wants Zach Crandall to ask questions about a 17-year-old murder, especially when everyone considers him guilty of the crime.  Some secrets are best left unspoken. Bess Carrey, Sweetheart’s beloved bookstore owner, spent 17 years convincing herself that was true.  She’d let the only exciting thing to ever happen in her life escape when Zach roared out of town. And now he’s back, stirring up old feelings in Bess and resentment and fear within the town. Someone wants to keep those secrets silent. Can Zach convince a suspicious town and the fragile-hearted woman he has always loved that if he’s innocent, then one of them is guilty?

“Suspense wars successfully with romance in this yummy bad-boy story in an atmosphere of distrust and a fiery desire that never died.  What is it about bad boys? As written by Nancy Gideon, they’re so-o-o good when they’re bad. 5-Stars!”
Affaire de Coeur

For Mercy’s Sake

Silhouette Intimate Moments 0-373-07648-7 (June/95)

Spencer Halloway could feel it. You’d think a stranded woman on a deserted road would be glad to see the sheriff, but not this woman.  There was a telltale look in her eyes Spencer had seen before. A look that said she was on the run.  The lawman in him wanted to investigate the woman and her little girl.  But the man in him needed to believe the long-legged beauty was innocent, despite his suspicions, despite her lies. Because Spencer was falling for the mysterious Mercy Royce—and for the child she claimed was her daughter.

“Pumps our curiosity up to a high level, skillfully tantalizing with one tidbit after another.”—Romantic Times

Contemporary Titles by Dana Ransom

Love’s Own Reward

Zebra Lucky in Love 0-8217-3836-4 (Sept/92)

“Stunning debut! 4+!”—Romantic Times

Totally Yours

Zebra Lucky in Love 0-8217-4053-0 (Jan/93)

“A powerful tour-de-force!”—The BookRak

Lifetime Investment

Zebra Lucky in Love 0-8217-4113-6 (March/93)

“Anyone craving a unique and powerful work should look no further. Be prepared to buy a replacement copy—this novel will be reread many times. Five Star!”—Affaire de Couer