On the Shelf

On the Shelf . . .

The hunter becomes the prey, a prisoner to his own desire . . .

Turow . . .

Strong, silent man of integrity content to serve his new king as a prince in the turbulent shape-shifter House of Terriot. A tracker and relentless hunter, he’s used to running trails alone until charged with returning a traitor to their mountain top home to face the unforgiving judgment of their clan.  On the run with the bad girl he’s loved forever, the choice between duty and desire has never been more difficult        . . . or deadly.

Could the bargain made to save their lives become reality?

Sylvia . . .

Manipulative schemer or victim caught between a mother’s ambition and a rogue prince’s lust for power? Trust is almost as foreign as the idea of love, but to save herself from certain death, she must risk both on the good man who deserves them . . . from someone worthy. Trapped by the only one who believes in her goodness, will she betray him and run for her life . . . or stay and destroy him with a long hidden truth?

“This is how you start a series! A prince. A traitor. A blood feud. Mix them all together with healthy doses of drama, intrigue, and action, and you have the beginnings of an edge of your seat, roller-coaster of a book I loved from beginning to end. It grabbed me fast and did not let go. Turow is everything you want in a hero and Sylvia’s journey from villain to heroine is brilliantly crafted. 5-Stars” – Susan, Goodreads

“An intriguing, sexy, sometimes dark read. A tightly woven plot will have you burning through the pages. The intense, sizzlin’ chemistry between Turow & Sylvia is lethal and flammable – sparks erupting on the page as both as both fight to maintain control of the situation – and their own heart. Fans of the “By Moonlight series will love this spin-off, yet you can easily pick up PRINCE OF HONOR and transition right into the series.  A Must Read! 5-Stars!.”  – Cross My Heart Reviews

“Gideon tears this series open with a bang . . . Max and Cee Cee ignited your appetite, but these Terriot brothers are so exclusively delicious they’re not even on the menu! The fast-paced action and emotional banquet laid out here is a paranormal romance lover’s feast! Better get comfortable, because you won’t be leaving until you finish dessert! 5-Stars!” – Book Bling

“Excellent Book! The author did not disappoint. I fell in love with the story line. Max will always be my favorite . . . but Turow is a close second now. 5-Stars” – reader, Amazon

“The Terriot Princes……. Holy Hotness. There is so much deliciousness between all them it’s hard not to drool.” – Sara Kate, Goodreads

Deadly, Damaged, and Delicious!


Brothers too H.o.T. to Handle!




“By Moonlight” series / Book 10

October 26, 2015 


 He feared no man, no foe, no obstacle or challenge . .
Burdened by the weight of his secrets and his father’s sins, the need for redemption pulls Cale Terriot from his duty to his clan and the arms of his his new into deadly intrigues in a rival territory. His dangerous masquerade in a high-stakes Shifter fight club is about to be exposed to those who would show no mercy – if he can survive in the ring.
How to protect a prince turned king made pawn?
Fearing she’ll lose her soulmate to the darkness he carries inside, Kendra Terriot, newly made queen in the House of Terriot must provide him with an heir in order to save his life . . . and his soul. But first she must risk all to coax him back from the edge of violence inherited with his crown.
Can her love tear him from an unbreakable vow that can only end in death?