Moonlight mythology


“By Moonlight” Mythology:

Ancients: powerful shape-shifters with telepathic abilities who began selective breeding and separated out traits leaving two groups, the Choisi (Chosen) delicate beautiful intellectuals with the ability to manipulate the mind, and the Shifters, deadly instinctive beasts who can change shape and are easily controlled. Remaining Ancients hide behind the concealment of myths while they fight amongst themselves over whether or not to combine the two parts into a whole, and if so, to what purpose? To conquer man or serve him?

Chosen: Maintain control through political manipulation and brilliance in genetic engineering, experimenting under various governmental grants using psychiatric facilities to program and punish rebellious behavior. Centered in Chicago, they’re run like a corporation with a Board and have fingers in everything from finances to politics and religion, using Shifter bodyguards to protect them and intimidate those who get in their way. They place Shifters in sensitive areas and can ‘read’ through them to watch the situation, controlling the Shifter through a mental link. Efforts to breed the two halves back into a whole have produced damaged results: madness or dangerous psychotic behavior as in the Trackers who are used to hunt down renegades.

Shifters: Existing in a feudal-like hierarchy dependent upon the purity of their line, Shifters are subjugated by the Chosen but are fierce rivals for their favor. Mating is done for status and power. Males can shift shape into a beast, though pure bloods can transform completely into a wolf-like form. They share a deeper connection with their mate once bonded and work as thugs for the Chosen. Large family clans center in Detroit, Memphis and Reno, with outcasts hiding in New Orleans shunned for their lower purity that dilutes their natural abilities. These outcasts live in fear, breeding with humans to hide in the Upright (human) world afraid of Tracker blood hunts and the whispered threat of a Gathering in which all males are killed and females taken. Carnal and superstitious, they believe the prophesy that a Promised One will come to free them.