I love the laid back, sultry mood of New Orleans. They have a tradition of adding a little something extra, of providing just a bit more than expected. It’s called Lagniappe. Just for fun, here’s a little lagniappe for my readers to enjoy.

My Favorite Things . . .

? Travel, even when I have to pay a baggage charge.

Favorite places:

  • NYC for the energy and the theatre! Liev Shreiber in Talk Radio, Angela Lansbury and Rupert Evert in Blithe Spirits, and Christopher Plummer and Brian Dennehy in Inherit the Wind. Doesn’t get much better than that!
  • New Orleans for the spicy food, spicy music and sultry ambiance. Laissez le bon temps rouler, sha!
  • D.C. for the theatre-Stacy Keach au naturale in King Lear, from 5th row center, the subway escalators that were the inspiration for MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE, and the ethnic restaurant row down the hill from the Wardman
  • Caribbean cruising for those sunrises on the balcony with my laptop and a strong cup of coffee
  • Lake Tahoe for the breath-taking drive and jaywalking quails
  • Michigan for the sunsets over water and wineries, but the winter driving, not so much!

? Bling! Accessorizing is everything. I never met a pair of earrings I didn’t need and couldn’t match.

? Animals, even the ugly ones. I’m a pushover for a critter, be it fin, feather or fur.

? Libraries and bookstores. There’s something magical about the sight, feel and scent of dreams bound in paper. I’ve never walked past one or left one empty-handed.

? Men with deep voices, accents and intensity (Clive Owen, Liam Neeson Christian Bale), hair optional (Ed Harris, Vin Diesel), manscaping appreciated (Gerry Butler, Ray Stevenson) and intelligent humor (Liev Shreiber, Robert Downey Jr) a must.

? A T.V. series you can’t miss for any reason! (Rome, Tudors, True Blood, Dark Shadows, Dexter, Firefly, Wiseguy, Lost, Farscape, Tour of Duty, Miami Vice, Sports Night, The Prisoner (the original), Night Gallery, and West Wing thank you for the endless, but not mindless hours!)

? Movie theater popcorn. I know it’s bad, but it’s sooooo good.

? A hot tub under the stars. Or filled with friends.

? Music . . . any kind from techno to zydecco, show tunes to Metallica and AC/DC, Clint Black to Black Eyed Peas, Backstreet Boys to dogs barking Jingle Bells. Love it all.

? Faith . . . the kind that sustains and makes all things possible.

? My POTL critique group: (top) Dana Cobit, Connie Smith DDS, Patricia Lazarus, Vicki Schab, (bottom) Loralee Lillibridge, and Laurie (Carroll) Kuna. And Elizabeth Fortin PhD. Fantastic writers. Fantastic friends. I’d be nothing without you guys.


Where in the World is Nancy Gideon?

It’s always a thrill to open a mailer envelop from the publisher to discover my books have visited places I’ll never get to go. Half the fun is trying to figure out what language is in-between the often unfamiliar covers.

My books have been published in China, Russia, Italy, Romania, Iceland, Germany, Brazil (Portuguese), France, Belgium, Holland and the Netherlands. Can you match the book covers below to the countries of origin? (Extra point: Which cover is the only one featured on the U.S. version?)

texas-renegade-copy warrior-for-one-night-copy loves-own-reward-copy lucky-in-love-copy
warriors-without-rules-copy wild-savage-love-copy midnight-kiss-copy


Things You Might Not Know About Me . . .

I’m ADD with OCD rising!

I raised aquarium frogs from tadpoles for my son’s Scout badge

I’m cautiously intrigued by Tarot readings

I’m a jigsaw and crossword puzzle junkie, can’t stop once I’ve started!

I’m a collector of things Christmas: music boxes, Santa Clauses, CDs and nutcrackers

I love to have someone wash my hair

I have a photographic memory

I’m ambidextrous

I freak out over multi-legged crawly things, closed-in spaces, open cupboard doors, deep water, things not in their proper place on my desk, and spitting

I won’t lie about my age, but don’t ask me my weight!

I can sing any part from bass to soprano and can harmonize, unfortunately not quite on key, but love to make a joyful noise especially while driving.


When I’m developing a new project, one of the most important tools I use to get me in the writing groove is music. Whether it’s a song that fits the emotional mood of a scene, the type of tunes that characterize my hero, or selections that evoke the flavor of time and place, I surround myself with sound. Here’s a sampling. I’ll update to include new works in progress:

Warrior for One Night:

AC/DC: “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Back in Black”
Aerosmith: “Sweet Emotion”
Richard Wagner: “Flight of the Valkeries”
Seether featuring Amy Lee “Broken”

Masked by Moonlight:

Norah Jones: “Turn Me On”
Aaron Neville: “Tell It Like It Is”
Warren Zevon: “Werewolves of London”

Chased by Moonlight:

Metallica: “Of Wolf and Man”
Buddy Guy: “Where is the Next One Coming From”
Lucinda Williams: “Still I Long for Your Kiss”

Captured by Moonlight:

Jo-el Sonnier: “Evangeline Special”
Ben Harper: “Gold to Me”
John Hiatt: “Feels Like Rain”

Check out my blog to see what I’m listening to now.