By Moonlight


“Gideon kicks off a paranormal romance series with intriguing characters and zippy action…and masters the tension required to keep her complex and engaging story moving.” Publishers Weekly starred review of MASKED BY MOONLIGHT

Welcome to my BY MOONLIGHT world:

MOONLIGHT – They had nothing to fear . . . but each other.

Troubled by secrets, torn by loyalties, a deadly shape-shifter and a dedicated cop fight impossible odds in steamy New Orleans where a criminal empire built on treacherous alliances and a clan of ferocious Shifters searching for their prophesied leader conspire to pull them apart. Debuting in June, 2010 with MASKED BY MOONLIGHT, the series is unique in that the first four books follow the same hero and heroine: shape-shifting mob enforcer Max Savoie and NOPD detective Charlotte Cassie. And what a pair they make: fierce, self-sufficient loners drawn together by dangerous circumstance and held by a passion both irresistible and frightening.

SHADOWS – The “By Moonlight” world expands with exciting new heroes and heroines

Starting with HUNTER OF SHADOWS (11/29/11) and SEEKER OF SHADOWS (6/26/12), brave and determined new couples explore Shifter mythology and ongoing “By Moonlight” storylines alongside familiar characters, bringing with them a thrilling new level of adventure and passion.

HOUSE OF TERRIOT – Spin-off series featuring Princes in the “House of Terriot”

Four books following deadly, damaged, delicious, and too H.O.T. to handle brothers from the brutal and brawling House of Terriot as they leave their isolated mountain top to forge a truce with other clans and find females strong enough to tame them.
“Gideon introduces complex new characters to launch a second series set in a New Orleans inhabited by secretive shape-shifters. Sparks fly immediately. Vivid writing, intriguing plot twists, and a satisfying ending will keep readers coming back to Gideon’s magical NOLA.” – Publishers Weekly review of HUNTER OF SHADOWS