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Behind the Scenes…Step Inside the Series

When I’m buying a DVD, the first thing I check out is the Extra Features.  Maybe it’s the probative nature of my journalism degree or the relentless curiosity of a compulsive plotter, because I want to look behind the scenes at how things came together from idea conception to finished product. I want to meet the cast. I thrive on back story, deleted scenes and alternate endings. Or maybe it’s because I’m just not ready to let go of something that’s pulled me in from the moment it first engaged my attention.

Because my Moonlight series carries the same characters through six books (so far!), with their complex histories and tangled intrigues, and probably because I’m raving OCD and don’t leave my writing loft without a map, I thought you might enjoy a program of sorts to keep things straight and to entice you with things to come.

Hope you enjoy these Extra Features. They’ll be updated as the plotline progresses, with *Spoiler Alerts* for those new to the series.  If you have any questions or suggestions about plot or characters, send me an e-mail and I’ll try to answer in the Reader Comments section.

Have fun and Happy Reading!


In The Beginning:  Creating the series

Meet Max and Cee Cee

Meet Silas and Nica

Meet Giles and Brigit

Meet Cale and Kendra

Shifter Mythology

Character Gallery

Deleted Scenes/Alternate endings

Sneak Peeks

Reader Comments